Internists Center



  • Diagnose and treat general diseases, including diseases in gastrointestinal tract, liver, pancreas, endocrine system (diabetes, diabetes insipidus, hypoadrenocorticism and hyperadernacorticism, hypo and hyper thyroids, respiratory system, blood system, immune system, kidney urinary tract system and infectious diseases.
    : Blood collection and transfusion including blood products
    : Emergency case and sick animals in critical conditions.

Tools and equipment

  • Equipment for blood storage and transfusion
  • Drugs used to diagnose diseases inendocrine system.
  • The devices to monitor the patients in intensive care unit; pressure measuring device,electrocardiogram,pulse oximetry to measure oxygen and carbon dioxide in blood, blood glucose meter and pH test device.
  • Diagnostic equipment
    – Microscope
    – Digital X-ray machine
    – Ultrasound scan
    – Electrocardiogram (EKG).
    – Medical test kits to determine infectious diseases and other diseases in both canines and felines, such as SNAP Parvo Virus Test, Distemper Virus Testkit and Snap Combo Testto diagnose AIDS and leukemia in cats, SNAP 4dx Test to identify blood parasites, heartworm disease and SNAP cPL Test to detect pancreas specific lipase.
    – Glucometer to monitor blood glucose.
    – The Compur-Test Strip for early detection of urinary tract infection.ombur)