Your cat’s sick or in pain? Our verified veterinarians is here to Help


“Because we understand cat more than anyone.”

Thonglor Pet Hospital examination room room is decorated with warm yellow lamp to make cats feel relaxed. Pheromone synthetic hormone is available to make cats less anxious when they receive the medical care. The examination room is equipped with specialized medical device for cats such as scale. The hospital accommodates a waiting area exclusively for cats, separating from the dog’s area to make cats feel safe like home. There are toys and artificial grass for cats to romp happily, special rooms for sick cats and specially-designed cat cages to create a quiet space for cats to recover from illness.

Cat clinic is under the supervision of veterinary team and medical personnel, who are readily available to provide the health checkup and counseling services about cat. Thonglor Pet Hospital at Ram Indra Branch, Rama 2 Branch, Pinklao Branch and Sukhumvit Branch offer 24-hour service every day.

1. checkup for cats.

2. Surgery and ultrasound service.

3. Blood test and blood type test for cats.

4. Virus check service.
5. Cat boarding